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The Nature Reserve Tiraxi came into existence in the beginning of the 21st century. Its founders are all members of the Argentinian NGO INDEI – Institute for Integral development, whose objective is the study of the human condition and the contribution to its INTEGRAL development.


The primary objectives of the Tiraxi Nature Reserve are:

  • The formation of a Nature Reserve in order to rescue and conserve native species of flora and fauna as well as generating sustainable development projects.
  • To operate with local and foreign investments in the areas of:
  1. Ecological and environmental development research, with centers for active creation of local species and educational and exchange workshops with the local community.
  2. Use of renewable energy.
  3. Elaboration of organic products and foods with local resources.
  • Enable infrastructure for residential and rental housing, observation points, ecological workshops, interactive trails, which lead to become aware of the vital importance of nature, in the physical and psychic health of the human being.